Claymont Primary School

Building Information:

Trenton Avenue Elementary is a K-4 building that currently has 373 students enrolled. We have 17 homerooms (four kindergarten classes, four - 1st grade ,three - 2nd grade, three - 3rd grade and three - 4th grade). Trenton has 44 staff members which includes single day personnel such as the school nurse (Mondays) and gifted education teacher (Thursdays). Trenton Avenue is fortunate to be able to provide services for students having special needs. We house the district's K-4 ED unit and the district's K-2 MD unit. In addition, we have 3 SLD/CD units to assist students. Title I services are also available.

7:25 a.m.

Building is open to students walking or being dropped off for school.

7:25 -7:40

Breakfast is served (optional)

Student Breakfast $0.75


School begins--tardy bell rings


10:40 -11:10

K/T1 Lunch / 3rd & 4th Grade Recess


11:10 -11:40

K/T1 Recess / 3rd & 4th Grade Lunch

Student Lunch $2.00
Student Milk $0.50

11:40 -12:10

1st & 2nd Grade Lunch


12:10 -12:40

1st & 2nd Recess



Bus students are dismissed


2:45 p.m.

Students walking or being picked-up by a car are dismissed .

School Address: 320 Trenton Avenue, Uhrichsville, OH 44683
School Phone: (740) 922-5641 Ext. 1559 to report a student absent
Ext. 1501 for the building secretary - Mrs.Ruth Ann Pittis
Ext.1503 for the building Principal - Mr. Eric Seibert
School Fax: (740) 922-7427

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