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"Changing The World, One Child At A Time"


Building Information

Claymont City Schools Northside Preschool began from an idea in 2006. Although the district had long been providing preschool services through the Tuscarawas-Carroll-Harrison Educational Service Center (TCHESC) the idea of opening and providing the service as a branch of the district became an idea that once it was planted, it spread like wildfire. Then Superintendent Ryan Delaney, a full supporter of preschool programs having been a Building Principal who ran a preschool program in his previous district, believed that the youngsters of Claymont City Schools should begin their careers as Mustangs right from the start.

Although the Northside building was being rented during the 2007-2008 school year, the district was very fortunate because plans were able to be made to not rent the main floor and the basement, but to continue to rent only the top floor to the Twin City YMCA the following year. Thus, the Northside Preschool had a home.

After a long summer of painting and repairing, the Northside Preschool opened for students ages 3-5 in the fall of 2008.

The Northside Preschool serves students in the Claymont City Schools District who either meet the income eligibility requirements or are found to be students with Special Needs. By adhering to these guidelines, the district can continue to fund the preschool through grants and other funding sources.

The program follows all of the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education and employs only certified Preschool instructors.
In September of2008 the Northside Preschool Home and School was born as a group committed to using parent input to help guide the preschool into the fabulous program it has become. Northside Preschool is a wonderful place for children to learn, grow and develop into fine young minds ready to tackle anything the future may hold.

Northside Preschool is committed to upholding its mission statement of “Changing the World, One Child at a Time”. With the help of the Claymont City Schools Board of Education, Administration, Staff, Support Staff and Families, this mission is lived out to the fullest every day within the walls of the Northside building.



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