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Honor Society Induction

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Sixth Grade Math Tournament

Geometry - Owen Cox - 1st place

Ratios - Logan Henry & Tyson Shetler - 4th place

Madison Holderbaum - 6th place

Number system - Lucas Gladstone - 6th place

Expressions - Jacob Bache - 6th place

Spencer McDonald - 3rd place the number system

Marlee Shepherd - 3rd place geometry

Amber Correll - 5th place statistics and probability

Koi Preston - 4th place statistics and probability

Heather McGlothlin - 4th place expressions and equations

Kirtas Anthony - 3rd place expressions and equations

High School Technology Links

Below are a collection of links from the high school technology presentation during the 8th grade assembly this morning.

Technology Classes

Click below for more information on Technology Classes offered at the High School

High School Technology Information

Wizard Riddles

From 11:00 to 12:15 you can play the exclusive Journey of Zenda Demo online. Answer the riddles by the four wizards and click below to possibly win a fabulous prize!

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