Welcome to Claymont Elementary!

Beth DiDonato

I am thrilled to welcome you to Claymont Elementary School. Claymont has transitioned from neighborhood schools to grade level buildings, and I am honored to be the first principal of Claymont Elementary School. My name is Beth DiDonato and I have been in the field of education for 26 years, all of them here at Claymont. I taught fourth grade for eight years and I have spent the last 18 years as a principal.

Claymont Elementary School houses the second and third grades in the Claymont City School District. Our current enrollment is approximately 340 students. We have seven classes of second graders and seven classes of third graders. Three Intervention Specialists and two Title I teachers will help ensure that all of our students are receiving the interventions they need to be successful. We are proud to offer Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer and Library classes as well, to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education.

As students enter the school, they arrive in “Speech Town”. Passing the office also known as the “Depot”, they begin their “Adventure in Learning” as each teacher has chosen an adventure that his/her class will take this year. Whether they go out west, head to the jungle or travel with pirates, this year promises to be filled with fun and learning.

An active PTO group has been formed that combines the Preschool, Primary School (formerly Trenton Avenue) and us. The “Claymont PTO” will have two fund raisers and goals established to guarantee that the kids continue to receive awards and programs.

The entire staff and I are eager to begin the year and look forward to continuing to make our second-third grade elementary school the very best in the state!

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