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National Championship Win | Lilah Williams


Congratulations to Lilah Williams (Claymont Intermediate School 5th grader) on her National Championship win at the Youth Open Championship Bowling Tournament in Dallas Texas last July!!

AWESOME job Lilah!

Custodial Testing


Claymont will be offering the option to test for custodial positions on December 3rd from 2-5pm. This will be at the high school library. The test will be used as an initial baseline in determining skills needed and must be taken to be considered for an interview.

Any person who previously tested does not need to test again.
If you are interested in scheduling a time slot, or have any questions, please contact:

Beth Lint at 740-922-5478 ext 12016

Anti Bullying Month Kindness Campaign


Bus Safety


School bus transportation plays a critical role in the education of our nation's students, and is the direct link between a neighborhood and the classroom. More than 25 million children ride the yellow bus every school day, and National School Bus Safety Week serves as a reminder for students, parents, teachers, and the community to keep school bus safety in the forefront. Here are tips to keep our children safe at the bus stop:

Getting Ready for School

  • Have your children put everything they carry in a backpack or school bag so that they won’t drop things along the way.
  • Encourage them to wear bright, contrasting colors so they will be more easily seen by drivers.
  • Make sure children leave home on time so they can arrive at the bus stop before it is due, ideally at least five minutes early. Running after or in front of a bus is dangerous.

Walking to the Bus Stop

  • Walk young children to the bus stop or encourage children to walk in groups. There is safety in numbers; groups are easier for drivers to see
  • Practice good pedestrian behavior: walk on the sidewalk, and if there is no sidewalk stay out of the street. If you must walk in the street, walk single file, face traffic and stay as close to the edge of the road as you can.
  • Stop and look left, right and then left again if you must cross the street. Do the same thing at drive -ways and alleys. Exaggerate your head turns and narrate your actions so your child knows you are looking left, right and left.

At the Bus Stop

  • Have children wait in a location where the driver can see them while driving down the street. Try to avoid waiting in a house or car.
  • Do not let children play in the street. Playing with balls or other toys that could roll into the street is also dangerous.

Getting On and Off the Bus

  • Warn children that if they drop something getting on and off the bus, they should never pick it up. Instead, they should tell the driver and follow the driver’s instructions
  • Remind children to look to the right before they step off the bus.
  • If you meet your child at the bus stop after school, wait on the side where the child will be dropped off, not across the street. Children can be so excited to see you after school that they dash across the street and forget the safety rules.
Information provided by National Association for Pupil Transport

Ohio Student Athlete of the week


Keanna Avery

Congratulations to Keanna Avery for being nominated Ohio Student Athlete of the Week Award! Please take a moment to click the picture about to vote for her at the bottom of the page!

Click The Photo Above to vote for Keanna!

Congratulations Eighth Grade Volleyball


7th Grade Volleyball Team 2018

The eighth grade volleyball team finished the season with an 18-0 record. The team won the IVC South Championship in 7th and 8th grade and finished middle school with a record of 36-0.

922 Day Celebration


922 Celebration

School Hours (2018-2019)


Tardy Time and Dismissals
BuildingTardy TimeDismissal Time
Middle School7:452:50
High School7:552:55

School Calendar


Below is a PDF download of the 2018-2019 school calendar.
Have a great year! :-)

2018-2019 School Calendar
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