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Position Name Home Address
President Cyndy Host 740-922-4354 6552 Healea Dr.
Dennison, OH 44683
Vice-President Melinda Grant 740-922-4628 6650 Wolf Run Rd.
Dennison, OH 44683
Member Aaron Cottrell 740-922-2815 7220 State Route 800 SE
Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Member Sky Abbuhl 740-922-0532 904 N. Second St.
Dennison, OH 44683
Member Jim Shamel 740-922-4954 323 Miller Ave.
Dennison, OH 44621

2017 Committee Appointments

Committee Apointee(s)
Legislative Cyndy Host
Student Liason Sky Abbuhl & Cyndy Host
Athletic Aaron Cottrell & Melinda Grant
Finance Jim Shamel & Sky Abbuhl
Grounds/Transportation Aaron Cottrell & Cyndy Host
Policy Cyndy Host & Jim Shamel
Curriculum Jim Shamel & Melinda Grant

2017 Board of Education Meetings

Date Location
January 11, 2017Administrative Office
February 13, 2017Administrative Office
March 13, 2017Administrative Office
April 17, 2017Administrative Office
May 8, 2017Administrative Office
June 19, 2017High School Library
July 17, 2017High School Library
August 14, 2017High School Library
September 11, 2017High School Library
October 16th, 2017Administrative Office
November 20, 2017Administrative Office
December 11, 2017Administrative Office

The Claymont Board of Education meets each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Claymont Administrative Offices, 201 N. Third St., Dennison. During the months of June, July, August and September, the Board meets at Claymont High School, 4205 Indian Hill Road, SE, Uhrichsville. These are public meetings and everyone is welcome to attend.

(In order for the Board to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient manner, a maximum of thirty minutes of public participation is scheduled.  A district resident who wishes to address the Board must inform the Superintendent at least one week prior to a regularly scheduled or adjourned meeting of the Board and provide both name and the specific item(s) to be presented to the Board.  The Superintendent will have the resident’s name placed on the agenda.  No presentation shall exceed five minutes on a topic of discussion.  If multiple speakers indicate a desire to speak on the same issue, the presiding officer shall relate the board’s desire that the speakers designate two people to speak for the group.  The board asks the audience to refrain from responding to the speaker’s comments, including cheering and applauding, so that all board members can focus their attention entirely on the speaker.  Although the Board may ask clarifying questions, please be reminded that the Board cannot respond directly to any comments made this evening.)

You may contact the board members through e-mail at A copy of the email is received by the Superintendant as well.

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